untitled ep (2010)

by hidden by the grapes

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released November 4, 2010



all rights reserved


hidden by the grapes Graz, Austria

austronoise since 2006. steiner, kahlbacher, jammerbund. the end.

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Track Name: blowout
Every single blowout and
Every single tree
Was born to make a difference lately
Chasing you and me
If you showed me your blue hair
I’d just say goodbye

She’s gone away
Track Name: 92: farewell blue period
For you, forsaken, and never ever true
An artist with pictures painted all in blue
Depression means comfort that’s sad but only true
We stick together like some fucking glue

Call all of your friends these days it’s true
They won’t be at home until 92
Farewell all you suicide notes and cry
For all that you’ve left and for all that is gone

It’s Jesus and Mary and all those empty wars
That mean to keep us going through these countless doors
It’s over, It’s over, It’s never been in stores
You’re all just acting like some fucking whores
Track Name: a wonderfish story
I’m waiting for tomorrow
I’m waiting for today
When everything is different
And everyone is gay
Says one of the big leaders
Mr. Fisher’s in
I’m waiting for your secrets
I’m waiting for your rules
When everyone is waiting
For new blue suede shoes
But no one ever got them
Still everyone is

Everyone is faking
Everyone is faking wasted
Track Name: i've grown so old trying to grow young
No it doesn’t matter
Mark Twain didn’t mind
Excuse all the blood excuse my …

Rompers and my dentures
Easily combined
Excuse all the blood excuse my…

Believe those who are seeking
Doubt those who will find
Excuse all the blood excuse my…

I’ve grown so old trying to grow young
I count my sins until they’re gone
Still feeling too much when I go numb
I’ve grown so old trying to grow young

Close the final curtain
No need to rewind
Excuse all the blood excuse my…
Track Name: an602
Waste your bombs

Load them up
And drop them down
Because no one cares
And no one is around